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Hire us to handle septic cleaning and pumping in Dallas, Temple, or Douglasville, GA

Your septic system can last up to 40+ years if properly maintained, so why not have it cleaned? Septic cleaning is essential for keeping your plumbing in good shape. When you need septic cleaning in Dallas, Douglasville, or Powder Springs, GA, call Twins Septic & Septic. Our plumbers have over two decades of experience, so you can be sure that we handle septic cleaning with professionalism and attention to detail.

Call 678-616-6748 for an estimate on septic cleaning or pumping in the Douglasville, Temple, Hiram, and Powder Springs, GA areas.

When should you call a professional?

When should you call a professional?

The average household septic system should be inspected, pumped or cleaned every few years. Twins Plumbing & Septic offers septic pumping and septic cleaning for homes in Dallas, Temple, Hiram, and Douglasville, GA. Our plumbers are skilled professionals that can clean and pump any septic system. You need your system cleaned if you experience:

  • Slow draining or flushing- you notice slowly draining tubs, showers, sinks or toilets, indicating your septic tank may be full
  • Bad odors- you experience foul odors coming from toilets, drains or the area around your septic tank
  • Sewage backup- you have raw sewage backing up from your toilets or drains
  • If you experience any of these tell-tale signs, don't panic. Call Twins Septic & Plumbing for septic pumping and cleaning today.